USS Hornet


Today I was scouting a location for an upcoming navy inspired “pinup” style photoshoot. The idea was to find a “Navy” environment.  So naturally I started to investigate all of the military sites in the Bay Area, specifically Naval Shipyards.  I stumbled across the USS Hornet Museum in Alameda.

OMG what a gem!!! It’s perfect!!

So, I ventured off to Alameda, not too far, just a short ride down the freeway.  As I made my way to the shipyard, I was in awe…these ships are HUGE!  Beautiful, but huge!  I snapped a few pics, as I walked up to the Hornet.  Read all of the informational & historical signs and kept walking until I came to the ramp that leads into the hull of this massive beast!  The USS Hornet Museum allows you to freely walk about the Hanger and Flight Deck and also provides guided tours, which allows you to enter/see even more of the ship.  I chose to freely roam around so that I could have time to locate the best possible shoot locations throughout the ship.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the Hornet and the following navy inspired pinup photoshoot,



To view more images from Crystal’s Pinup inspired portrait session, click here

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