Failed Mission…

I finally hammered out the details and found the directions and exact GPS coordinates for the location I was looking for!  I packed my gear, threw on my Nike Air Max (faithful photoshoot shoes, lol) and headed out of the door.  Now normally, or should I say more like, lately, I have been trying to find friends, fellow photogs to tag along with me, as exploring abandoned buildings/sites can be very unsafe.  Especially for a young(ish) female, with expensive camera equipment and a nice car, lol.  However, unfortunately for this adventure I was travelling solo!  No one could come with me, so I had to press on…ever the fervent explorer!  Ha!!  Surprisingly I found the location quite easily…(but that doesn’t always mean that I am going to find exactly what I’m looking for).
I head out, down a side trail, and through a little whole in a fence, which is covered in “no trespassing” signs.  Sorry to say people, but I’m a trespasser, lol!!  I have my handy iPhone out, and I’m looking at my blue dot trying to move toward the red dot.  I walk and walk, farther down and farther down , all by my lonesome, with a aqueduct on my left side and a hillside with train tracks on my right side.I’m not going to lie, it was a little scary at times, because the trail is covered with trees, and there is nothing in site, both in front and back of me…so instinctively I keep looking behind me, to make sure that I haven’t come across or disturbed any local residents (a.k.a transients).  I walk and walk and finally reach the red dot on my map!  Except….as I look around I don’t see what I’m looking for.  I look above me and there it is…in all its beauty!!  Oh is it gorgeous!!  But I can’t figure out how to get up the side of the hill to reach it.  Can you say DEVASTATED!!!!  In my head, I can already see all of the photos that I want to take but I just can’t get to it  😦

I walk down the tracks more to see if maybe the hill is not as steep and I can climb up it to reach the location.  But I can’t.  So I snapped a few pics of some random graffiti and walked back down the hill and along the long trail back to the street…unsuccessful on my mission!

But I shall return!!!!  I will find a way to get to this location!!  Stay tuned lol…
Here are a few photographs from my adventure:

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