Convalescent Home | Hawai’i

O’ahu, my home away from home…unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to visit any family on this trip, because I literally just flew in/out for a tattoo 🙂

Although, not wanting to waste any precious time, I calculated exactly how many hours I had of daylight to explore, during my 3 days on the island. I landed at around noon and literally hit the ground running. I got my rental car and headed out on my first excursion – clear on the other side of the island!  My first stop was an abandoned convalescent home, then an abandoned house and whatever other abandoned structures I could find along the way.

I first ran across these beautiful ruins, many years ago. Unfortunately all of my photographs were lost when my external hard drive took a sh*t and died on me 😦
So naturally, it was a must, that I come back and re-shoot this decaying beauty.

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