Shhh….I’m hunting murals!

This week has been sooooooooooo super busy for me!  In a span of 7 days, I was in Northern California, Hawaii, then Southern California.  Whew, I’m tired as all heck!!!
Forever on my quest to explore and photograph graffiti (and abandoned bldngs), my friend Eric and I piled our suitcases, camera backpacks and assorted snacks into my car and headed off at 5am (keep in mind, I had just flew in from Hawaii about 7 hours before).  The trip there was smooth as all of our roadtrips are 🙂 and we got to LA at around 10am.  We literally hit the ground runnin!!!
Our first stop was in Pacoima.  Then off to mural after mural, after mural…and every one that we saw was amazing.  We explored the alleys off of Melrose, Hollywood, the Art District…to the LA River and 6th street bridge for a superb view of the LA Skyline, to Culver City, through Compton, to Gardena and even up to the Griffith Observatory.  I’m telling you….we went EVERYWHERE!!  Our nonstop jam packed weekend ended perfectly with a Sunday morning service at The Sanctuary church in Westminster.  I’m still smiling over that service.  It was awesome!
Here are a few pics from my art filled weekend in LA.  Enjoy!

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