Slaughter House

Met some new Urban Explorers via Instagram a few days ago!  After numerous [crazy & fun] conversations, we finally hammered out a day and time when we’re all available to explore and today is that day!  We’re going to a new location – a place none of us have explored before.  It’s an abandoned slaughterhouse, nestled in the foothills of the Bay Area. Now, exploring rural locations isn’t what I typically do. But I don’t mind it at all. It’s way different from what I have readily available to me in the East Bay.  As it turns out, if you are willing to travel just outside of your comfort zone or usual stomping grounds, you can find some pretty interesting locations in the “country”, with cool little trinkets left behind.  This particular explore was exciting to us all because we had never visited a slaughterhouse and we didn’t know what to expect!

I always try to find out the history of locations I explore but this particular site was really hard to find any information on, aside from the “it’s haunted” stories.  Apparently the structure was once a grain mill and/or a slaughterhouse.  Either way, now it’s a hangout for local teens.  Upon exploring the grounds, you find grain silos, a barn, a building, cylinder containers, an office building and a house.  After more research I believe this place could have also been a dairy farm.  Based upon the surrounding areas and remaining structures, it seems the most logical function.
Now as far as the spooky stories, people have reported seeing a former groundskeeper or manager that still walks the property, as if he were looking for employees slacking on their duties. Numerous claims report sounds of people walking through the surrounding area, the sound of chains banging throughout the property, odd noises coming from behind the buildings, noises heard inside the first building where they chopped up meat, metal clanging inside of the cylinders towards the rear of the property and hearing footsteps behind you as if someone is watching over you. It has also been rumored that there are KKK meetings here and satanic rituals occur at night.

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