Medical Clinic | Military Base

After an intense but quick cyber-search (lol) the husband and I were able to track down the location of an abandoned hospital.  Something we’ve been wanting to get our hands on, for months now!  Imagine our excitement when we confirmed that we had the exact location 🙂

Since it was late night when we found the location, we decided that we’d confirm the spot over the weekend. We jumped in the car, map & directions ready to go!  Pulled up to the location, drove down a few streets and then around the building a few times, looking for entry points and keeping an eye out for possible security.We parked the car, (near other cars so that we wouldn’t stand out) and walked the perimeter of the building.  SUCCESS…we found a way in!  Woohoo!!

We decided not to explore right then, though, because the hubby wanted to invite a friend.  So we made sure our access point was secure, and walked back to the car.  Instead we’d head out on a day when it was least expected…a day when we thought there would definitely be less of a possibility for security…Thanksgiving morning, lol. So we met up at 6:30am and headed out.  Here are a few pics from this amazing spot!

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