“The Crypt” I

The “crypt” is a place I’ve been eyeing for a while and today we finally ventured on out (in the rain, woooohoooo!) to explore and photograph it.  Sadly,  as much as I [absolutely] love the rain, it does not always produce the most awesome shooting conditions lol.  Clouds and sky are uhhh-mazing, but the ground…ehhh…not so much haha.  My chucks got destroyed I almost slipped a few times in the mud, my lens got rained on but all in all….it was a fun day with my love.


Here are just a few snapshots that I managed to grab in the complete pitch black.  Thank God for slow shutter speed, (Side Note: I decided to label this post “I” as we’ll be returning when it’s not as rainy outside 🙂  at that time, I will happily post “II” lol)

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