Nuclear Training School | Military Base

I have lost count of how many times I have ventured through this building. Much to my surprise, I see something new every time I visit. This can most likely be attributed to the fact that people are always “decorating” the walls (or what’s left of them) with new art work/graffiti…and of course because of a few dingbats that feel the need to destroy anything and everything they see, by smashing holes in walls, breaking what furniture remains and throwing things out of the windows to break them and just be stupid.

Now if you know me at all or have read any previous posts about locations I’ve been too, you’ve heard me say “I find it peaceful and humbling…” well that does most definitely NOT apply to this building lol. This building, as intriguing as it is, makes me very uncomfortable. I am not at ease, by any means, in this building. It kinda scares me…for a few different reasons. One of the reasons is the creepy sound the wind makes as it blows through every broken out window, making hanging debris clang together and door slam shut. It’s almost like a spooky wind tunnel lol.
The other reason is because if something were to happen to you inside of this building (i.e. you were attacked, you hurt yourself, etc), chances are that nobody would know, or help may come too late. So needless to say, it’s safe to explore with a buddy, keep quiet when possible. Not only because you’re not supposed to be there, but you need to be aware and not draw attention to yourself. Every floor has several rooms and hallways that display how the building is frequented by transients and drug users. It’s evident as you walk over torn out pages from pornography magazines, drug paraphernalia, dirty clothes, empty food cans and paper plates.

During one visit I observed a handful of guys making a music video lol, and during another visit, my sister and I were exploring the 3rd floor when we saw some stupid kids throwing a chair out of the window. This is not only dumb and disrespectful but it’s going to draw unwanted attention to the building. This property is heavily patrolled by security as many parts of it are still in use (by either the Navy or civilian businesses). We immediately left because we didn’t want to be associated with that at all.

Everyone non Urbex’r who is reading this – Please know that this is not how we behave. Many of us follow the unwritten code that we are to “leave nothing but footprints”. Meaning, we don’t take things, we don’t destroy, and we don’t leave garbage…we simply enter, shoot, leave. Simple as that. We leave the location, the same way we found it. Anyone who does not, is not a true Urban Explorer.

Helpful Tip: As always, be respectful of your surroundings and don’t lag…meaning – get in, shoot, get out. You could be invading someone’s “privacy” or sense of security and they may not like it. Or you can simply look vulnerable, by yourself, with expensive camera equipment.


I couldn’t find much history on the building beside the fact that the facility was once a Navy Nuclear Power School that operated from January 1959 until 1977 when nuclear training was consolidated and moved to a Naval Base in Orlando, Florida. It is believed that from 1977 until its closure in the 90’s it served as a Training [Apprentice] Building / Re-Employment Center. The city acquired the building after the base closure in 1996 closure. The city’s abandoned buildings [on the base] consist of barracks, apartments, commissary, plus many other structures.

Nuclear Power School is a technical school operated by the U.S. Navy to train enlisted sailors, officers and civilians for shipboard nuclear power plant operation and maintenance of surface ships and submarines in the U.S. nuclear navy.

There are currently demolition & abatement plans for this building (and probably many others on the base). City officials say the buildings should be demolished as soon as possible but the $8 million is not available to pay for the work. Demolition was set to begin in September [2014], however I cannot confirm if it has begun as I have not visited the site since the beginning of the year.

As far as I know, it is still the same old intimidating building 🙂
Here are a few pics from my many visits to this location…

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