Behind The Lens

Photo May 09, 5 22 04 PM
Hi there!  My name is Nina (or Bean).  I am a wife, sister, a daughter and a mother.  I am a Professional Photographer, Hula Dancer and insatiable Urban Explorer.  I love smiling and I love to laugh…laughing is always a must!  I love wearing hoodies, being barefoot and taking pictures of absolutely everything I see!

Why Urbex?
While I love photographing babies, families & brides on the happiest day of their life…my true joy comes from crawling through holes in fences to find abandoned treasures, graffiti covered walls & old rusty spraycans. I find beauty in what most would dismiss as, filth and grime ツ

Why “Filthy”?  Why “Bean”?
No, not because I’m filthy lol. Because I love photographing urban filth. I love abandoned buildings, vibrant-colorful graffiti, and finding items that have been left behind…be it, furniture, trinkets, clothing, dishes, etc. It all tells a story. Bean comes into play, because that’s been my nickname since I was in high school. My sister gave it to me and it just kinda stuck lol. Well, technically it’s “Beaner”, but over the years it’s simply been shortened to “Bean” 🙂

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Curious about my professional photography?

Take a stroll through the galleries of my website,

Weapons Of Choice:
• Canon 7D Mark II
• Canon 5D Mark II
• GoPro Hero 5

Equipment (not including studio lighting):
• 100mm Macro Lens
• 50mm 1.5 Lens
• 70-300mm Lens
• 430EX Speedlight
• 10-20mm Fisheye Lens
• 24-70mm Wide Angle Lens
• 28-300mm Lens