Abandoned Steel Company

Ok…so, if you have seen one of my previous posts Caught By The Man this was the place we got caught exploring lol.  The abandoned steel company!  Again…thank goodness the police were so nice and let us go 🙂

Anywho, this place is huge and most definitely awesome.  We parked at a dead end street, up a tiny hill (a.k.a mound of dirt lol) walked through shrubs and along train tracks for what seemed to be forever, climbed through a hole in the fence that surrounded the parking lot and finally entered in through a broken door the back (all the while, careful to watch out for the property’s security patrol).

The first part of the building (pictured here —>) was a large warehouse with super tall ceilings and the most amazing pools of [green] water that glistened with the sun!  It was so beautiful.  I think I could have sat there for hours, blogging or eating a sandwich or writing in my journal.  It was so quiet and unusually peaceful.  But the boys were trotting along ahead, WITHOUT ME I might add 😦  So I had to quit lagging behind and catch up, before I lost them in this huge place.

We kept walking and ventured on into another part of this warehouse, where I found an office.  Most definitely in shambles, but still very cool looking.  It still amazes me, even after so many explores, that we still come across confidential papers, just left behind by the companies.  I’ve found papers with peoples names, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and all kinds of other personal information…stuff like, hiring records, books and binders galore, not to mention all kinds of other work/office/medical related papers.  It’s crazy!!!

But back to the explore…lol.  After these first few photographs were shot, we got spotted by “the man” haha.  After a brief photographing intermission, we continued on our way, to the offices I spotted toward the back of the building.  WOW!  They were definitely worth a scolding by the law. I think we spent another hour or two, exploring the 2 floors of these offices.

Check out all of the pics from this adventure, below 🙂

CAUGHT…by “the man” lol

img_1616_tonemapped2-copy2cHappy and fortunate to say that I met two of the nicest law officers today!!  At our second
explore of the day, less than half way through (about 15 minutes in), we were spotted and stopped by 2 State Police and their canine.   Nowwww…what exactly they were doing patrolling an abandoned Steel Company, is beyond me.  Either way, I’m just happy that they were nice to us.

Ok, back to the story… So, I was in the middle of stepping down from a cement slab, in an open part of the warehouse (by open I mean, a section where the walls were missing and views of us were completely unobstructed). I looked up and saw the green truck drive by and immediately thought “oh sh*t!”. I immediately hopped down and backed up behind a wall and waited to see if they kept rolling. Unfortunately I heard the truck stop and the doors open [my heart sank].  I stood there quietly looking across the floor at the hubby, when one of them yelled, “hey you, come here!”  So I came from behind the wall and walked to the open area, while hubby and his friend made their way over to them as well.  They told us to come over to the truck, and as we walked up, they put the dog in the back seat and asked us for our ID’s. The guys gave him theirs but I didn’t have mine with me, so he let me give my DL# verbally 🙂 

The officers asked us what we were doing and how many of us were in there.  I said “just the 3 of us”, and as one of the officers walked into the building anyway, just to make sure, almost simultaneously, we all held up our cameras and told them that we were just there to take pictures.  Not there to vandalize, paint or do any other kind of harm to the property.  He called dispatch and while we all waited, they chatted with us and cracked jokes. Surprisingly they were both really, really nice and super friendly. They asked us what we were taking pictures of, why we were taking pictures and what we do with them, so we told them a little bit about what we do.  All of our names came back clean, so they told us we were free to leave.  We all kind of looked at eachother, wondering “do we leave or can we still explore???” lol.  So we asked….can we still take a few pics?  They said, sure.  As long as we knew that we could still possibly be stopped by the city police or property security and be cited.  We said thank you and scurried back into the building to explore the remaining parts of the facility.

Thanks for being cool you guys! 🙂

IMG_1614_tonemapped copy.jpg

Jurne’s House

Another location that me and the hubby have been searching for, for a few months.  

We finally got a hold of the location, YAY US!!  


We drove around looking for the address, and when we came across it, oh were we ecstatic to see that the doors were wide open, both to the perimeter fence and to the warehouse.  (Looooooove when explores go off without a hitch!)  The graffiti by local bay area artists, sure did not disappoint.  I also stumbled across a few off trinkets from what I can assume was local transients.