Chateau De Bambi

Chateau De Bambi was beautiful!  Unfortunately we ran in and had to pretty much run right back out – it sucked.  We circled the perimeter and decided to just ‘go for it’!  So we literally parked the car on the side of a dirt road – in the mud, threw on our camera backpacks, turned on the GoPro’s and scurried as fast as we could through the gate and down a dirt road.  All the time, looking back for someone coming to scold us.

It was just creepy… you could tell the grounds had been/was used for paintballing and who knew if today was a day when they would be there.  But we continued on.  Continuously looking over our shoulders.

We finally reach the main stairs and doorway (which is wide open, but sprawling with “do not enter” caution tape.  Needless to say, we lifted the tape and continued inside 🙂  We didn’t feel comfortable (at all) at this particular location, so we had decided to hurry through it, snapping as many pics as possible. About 7 minutes in, we hear SIRENS!!  I run out of the upstairs room I’m in, to make eye contact with the hubby, who’s eyes are about as wide as mine – with worry lol.  We decided to haul a** back down the stairs and scurry outside, to see if the car is even still there, and/or who or what authorities might be waiting for us.

Luckily, when we got to the car, it was right as rain and no one was in sight.  YAY!  But awwww, we could have spent more time in there, darn!!  Oh well…it was an adventure to say the least.  Here are a few (and I mean few lol) pics that I got from this beautiful chateau.


College Of The Arts

I had been meaning to visit this place for a few years lol (sometimes I lag….) I came across it when it first closed, and then a few times after that, when the graffiti had started to be more apparent.  Well better late than never – I finally checked it out!  YAY!!

All it took was a brisk walk down a side alley, a crawl under a roll up door that was cracked open about a foot, and we were in!  No muss, no fuss!  I do have to say though…the smell that filled my nose as soon as I crawled under that rolling door was like an assault on my senses lol!  It smelled of chemicals and mildew and old food.  It was crazy haha.  The area we entered into seemed to be some kind of warehouse and it was pitch black!  Luckily one of us had a flashlight and we all had a light from our phones.

We made our way through this huge, dark part of the building all the way to the other side, where we were able to walk through some double doors.  We walked around, in and out of this huge building and found some pretty cool things to photograph.  I’d say we were there for about an hour, maybe hour and a half when we ran into a homeless man as we were wrapping up.  He came in, looked at us, stood there and went about eating his hamburger bun.  I finished taking my picture (of the ‘cropping’ negative) and we started heading out.  He tried to talk us into venturing to some concrete, dark part of the building to see some graffiti (which we think was the part we had entered from), but either way, we politely declined and headed out.

It was a super fun day, exploring with my girls 🙂