Lock Factory

The lock factory opened in 1926.  For more than 70 years, it employed Bay Area residents, who produced component parts for locks.  The lock factory benefited from the site’s proximity to the freight/train station, as well as the availability of labor.  Many company inventions, such as the push-button door lock, were created and produced at the Bay Area factory.

In 1974, Ingersoll-Rand bought the lock company.  Ingersoll-Rand continued manufacturing products under the lock company name.  In 1999, the lock factory was shut down.  It was among the last machine-making operations left in the Bay Area.  The vacant 12.3 acre factory property would later be found to be contaminated with toxic substances.  Ingersoll-Rand moved production to another location and the buildings on the lock site have been closed and vacant since that time.

Alley Lurkin’

In preparation for an upcoming “urban style” family portrait session I have scheduled, the hubby and I headed out in search of graffiti covered alleys in the city that never sleeps – San Francisco.  In particular Clarion Alley, in the beautifully vibrant Mission District.  This alley never ceases to disappoint!  Amidst the stagnant puddles of pee (definitely wakes up your nostrils, lol) and the transients watching your every move (be aware of your surroundings folks!) the artwork is always so colorful and eye catching.  Here are a few photos from our brisk early morning adventure.

Jurne’s House

Another location that me and the hubby have been searching for, for a few months.  

We finally got a hold of the location, YAY US!!  


We drove around looking for the address, and when we came across it, oh were we ecstatic to see that the doors were wide open, both to the perimeter fence and to the warehouse.  (Looooooove when explores go off without a hitch!)  The graffiti by local bay area artists, sure did not disappoint.  I also stumbled across a few off trinkets from what I can assume was local transients.