Mental Hospital | Orphanage

Abandoned Orphanage turned Mental Asylum… Originally built in the early 1920’s; this building was an orphanage for a short time, then an Asylum.  It was said to have been rebuilt after a fire consumed the second floor.  Most of the residents perished in the fire due to the design of the building. It was then used as a sanitarium for kids with tuberculosis in the 1930’s.  Many children died within these walls, due to their incurable disease.  Then in the 1950’s it was made a Juvenile Detention Hall.  It was rebuilt and then shut down in the mid 1970’s.

We left the Bay Area at about 3am and traveled about 3.5hrs to find this gem!  Not even knowing if it was accessible lol.  I don’t think we cared either way…we still had to see it.  We arrived in the little quaint town at 6:45am and were a bit taken back to see that there were a lot of people out and about, walking dogs on the hillside that surround this beauty.  We walked the perimeter, dodging prying eyes, casually looking for a possible entry point.  But to no avail…

We couldn’t find an easy (and quiet) way in, and didn’t really want to break any windows or pull down boards to try and get in, so we just admired the outside of the building.  Here are a few shots for you to enjoy 🙂