Military Base | Swimming Pool

One of the coolest abandoned pools I’ve had the pleasure of exploring by far!!

This is my second attempt to get Mike into this location (but my 3rd time here “so far” lol). My first attempt at bringing him here didn’t go so well because we got scolded by two guys with a german shepherd.  A mere 3 ft from the door, they yelled “YOU ARE TRESPASSING ON FEDERAL PROPERTY!”  Since we didn’t know who they were, we decided it was better to not start any trouble, and we left without incident and explored elsewhere, but I was irritated at being yelled at, GRRRRR!

But second time’s a charm…here we go!  The hubby and I set out super early (5am’ish) in order to be at this “hot” location before the sun fully rose.  We were determined to get inside under the cover of early morning darkness and just wait it out, until it was light enough to shoot.  Thankfully we made it inside, undetected.  We had a few, nice, quiet hours udisturbed, to explore (those are the best mornings!!)

This building never ceases to amaze me.  It’s just too beautiful in all of its urban filth 🙂