Records Office | Military Base

Headed out to show someone an abandoned pool, only to find out it’s been fenced off (with 2 fences)and the holes in the original fence have been patched.  Sooooo disappointed.  Especially because, down the road was a security officer, just chillin’ in his car.  Waiting for something to happen lol

Mission FAILED!

So what do a few Urban Explorers who are denied access to an explore??  Well they find a consolation prize of course 🙂  YAY US!!!  Driving out, we spotted a building that looked beautifully abandoned.  So we parked (again) and headed in, to scout the perimeter and look for an entry point.  BAM!!  We found it.  3rd door’s a charm haha.  It appeared that this building was some type of records office.  We found room after room with huge piles of boxes filled with blueprints and construction photographs of San Francisco buildings, circa 1970’s!  What a score!!