SFFD – China Basin Fire

The hubby and I were out and about yesterday on our way to San Francisco for some night shots, that he needed for a photography competition, when we stumbled across this huge 5-alarm fire in China Basin, down the street from AT&T park.  We first noticed the black smoke rising up from the city skyline, driving down 880 toward Oakland, on our way to 80/Bay Bridge.  The fire had been blazing for a little over an hour by the time we got across the bridge and into SF.  Luckily we were able to get close enough to feel mist from the firefighter’s water hoses and see/feel the ash fall, all around us.  It was hot and smelt like the 4th of July or a campfire.

Huge props to the San Francisco Fire Department for doing such a tireless and heroic job, putting out this blaze. Hope the firefighter that got hurt, will be better soon.

Alley Lurkin’

In preparation for an upcoming “urban style” family portrait session I have scheduled, the hubby and I headed out in search of graffiti covered alleys in the city that never sleeps – San Francisco.  In particular Clarion Alley, in the beautifully vibrant Mission District.  This alley never ceases to disappoint!  Amidst the stagnant puddles of pee (definitely wakes up your nostrils, lol) and the transients watching your every move (be aware of your surroundings folks!) the artwork is always so colorful and eye catching.  Here are a few photos from our brisk early morning adventure.

“Lava” House

The “Lava House”, built by Jerry Ganz (the fabulously wealthy man responsible for the mass production of seat-belts) in the 1970s, the Lava House’s chief architectural pull was its extensive use of imported lava rock. Construction stopped suddenly, shortly after it began, and it has remained empty to this day.

The city has tried desperately to sell it off, even razing what was left of the structures there after a 1997 fire to attract more buyers, but to no avail.  Theories abound as to what made Ganz stop construction, mostly concerning the cost of the lava rock import coupled with the enormous size of the house. Others claim Ganz was importing the lava rock illegally and was caught. The most fantastic explanation involves the Hawaiian god of the volcano “Pele” from whence the lava rock came, cursing Ganz’ workers for stealing pieces of her home, causing several of the contractors to die in freak accidents and eventually halting construction.

Note:  Pele’s Curse is the belief that anything natively Hawaiian, such as sand, rock, lava rock, or pumice, will result in bad luck or death to whoever removes it from any of the Hawaiian islands.