Alley Lurkin’

In preparation for an upcoming “urban style” family portrait session I have scheduled, the hubby and I headed out in search of graffiti covered alleys in the city that never sleeps – San Francisco.  In particular Clarion Alley, in the beautifully vibrant Mission District.  This alley never ceases to disappoint!  Amidst the stagnant puddles of pee (definitely wakes up your nostrils, lol) and the transients watching your every move (be aware of your surroundings folks!) the artwork is always so colorful and eye catching.  Here are a few photos from our brisk early morning adventure.

Night Shooting | San Francisco

Went on a night exploration with my good friend RJ.  We ventured on down to SF to grab some shots of the Golden Gate.  Unfortunately we were bombarded with fog (typical for an SF shoot, lol) so we only got a few good shots, but all in all it was still a fun night.  We ended up by city hall, and got a few pics of the colors tribute for the Niners.

_mg_9543a_1 copy.jpg

_mg_9517a copy.jpg

Marin Headlands | Golden Gate Bridge

A lone photographer stands perched atop the Marin Headlands to capture the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge
The day started at about 5am.  With coffee in hand, my good friend and I bundled up (jackets, scarves, gloves and flashlights) and headed on down toward Sausalito/San Francisco, specifically the Marin Headlands, in search of abandoned World War II bunkers.  OMG SO EXCITING!!!!  I am obsessed with “urban exploration”.  For me, it is the funnest part of being a photographer.  I have always loved abandoned anything, be it buildings, shacks, or any other type of structure.  I love old decaying buildings that are falling apart.  To me it’s beautiful.  I see beauty in things others might see as filth.
Ok, back to today’s adventure… My goal was to reach the headlands in time to see the sun rising with the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge as the backdrop.  Our plan went off without a hitch and we reached the headlands in plenty of time for me to capture this: