What Is Urbex?

URBEX: “Urban Exploration” is the exploration of abandoned and off-limits urban locations.
Urban Exploration (often referred to as Urbex or UE) is most commonly understood as; the exploration of buildings, structures, ruins and parts of cities that are uninhabited. Historical interest and documentation are a primary focus in this line of photography.

Although it may sometimes involve trespassing onto private property, this is NOT always the case and is of innocent intention.  Why do this? Urbex basically opens up a whole new field of passion and photography. Many explorers find the forgotten, abandoned, and otherwise undiscovered places to have a certain beauty, not to be found elsewhere – hence the popularity with photographers. Wandering around a beautiful building is truly amazing, peaceful and very humbling.


Many of the structures you see pictured in this blog are hazardous and off limits to the public for a reason – that reason is usually SAFETY.  Attempting to access an abandoned building can result in trespassing tickets, fines and/or your arrest.  If you choose to risk it, legal problems may be the least of your worries.  Unsafe conditions such as unstable structures, decaying floors with open holes that you could fall through, wild animals, hostile squatters, drug addicts/harmful paraphernalia, and gang activity are things you could run into…just to name a few.  Now for the intangible dangers, such as exposure to asbestos, toxic molds, animal feces, airborne lead paint particles are known to carry both short and long term effects (such as problems breathing, skin irritation, lung issues and bacterial infections).  These are very real threats in many abandoned structures.   To protect my liability, I am unable to give out information about how to access any of these locations, so please refrain from contacting me with these questions.  Many of the locations on this blog are given pseudonyms or generic name/location descriptions for various reasons.