Muir Woods { FOG }

My friend Bai, is obsessed with fog & nature (haha) but I can’t blame her, I love it too!!  The more grey skies, rain and fog, the better!!  :}

Well for about a year now she’s been talking about us headin’ on out to Muir Woods in the early morning, to catch the fog before it burns off.  Of course I was down!!  So we finally picked a day and planned to meet up at my house @ 4am.

Sooooo, our goal was to head out and take some photos of the treeline covered in fog. Uhmmmm that didn’t really happen – LOL!  We headed out at about 4:30am (because she was late, as usual) and as we approached Mill Valley, we saw the mountains/cliffs (whatever they are, haha) blanketed in fog!  We were so excited!!



But as we winded down towards Muir Woods and Muir Beach, the fog disappeared… So, because the park wasn’t opened yet, we decided to venture on down to Muir Beach and go back upward where the fog was to see if we could at least get a few pictures of fog & trees.

As we approached Pacific Coast Highway, we found what we were looking for!



So, I’m all in my “photographer mode”, trying to adjust my settings and focus on getting her a decent picture, when I hear her say “It’s so beautiful!  I keep expecting to see a Cullen!”  Hahaha, she’s crazy!  But we had a lot of fun that morning…I think all we do is laugh when we’re together!



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